DLF VO Lab: Voice-Over Workout Group

Event Type:Voice-Over Lab
Title:DLF VO Lab: Voice-Over Workout Group
Voice copy in front of your peers and get feedback on your performances, then offer suggestions on other participant reads.
Date:Friday, December 14, 2012
Time:12:00pm - 2:00pm

SAG Foundation Actors Center- DLF Voice-Over Lab
5757 Wilshire Blvd, Mezzanine 103
Los Angeles

**The Don Lafontaine Voice-Over Lab is located on the Mezzanine Level in Suite M103**

(free validated parking)

Status:Events list and Seats are full

Get behind the mic and voice copy you are interested in.  You will receive instant feedback from your peers in the workout group and be able to apply their direction to your reads.  This is a safe, constructive space to work on your craft and improve your voice-over skills.  Space is limited to 9 people to ensure everyone gets to the mic at least twice during the group.

The group will be at its best if you are ready to deliver, having practiced beforehand and spent some time either in classes, the VO Lab or are working in voice-over. 


1) You should actively be booking time in the DLF VOL practicing with copy or working on copy outside the DLF VOL. 

2) VO Lab eligible (completed usage application and orientations).

3) Bring copy you would like to work out with.


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