Event Type:CAP Orientation
RSVP for a packet if you would like to join the CAP program
Date:Monday, June 14, 2010
Time:NO EVENT - you are registering to receive the packet

Los Angeles

Status:Seats are available

CASTING ACCESS PROJECT - Here's where it starts!

(East Coast actors, please consult New York CAP information on this website for eligibility procedure. Thanks!)

To clarify: If you'd like to participate in CAP's free cold reading workshops, you will first need to complete a CAP Orientation Packet.

You are not being asked to attend a CAP Orientation "Event". It's just a packet of informational materials that you'll need to complete before enjoying these free workshops. So... there's no need to call or e-mail to ask, "Do I need to be somewhere on June14th?" You don't. Relax!

Once completed, the packet and its submitted material (this will be explained in the packet) will serve as your CAP "Orientation."

- If you've already turned in a CAP Orientation Packet, please do not sign up for it again.

- If you've already attended a CAP Orientation Session (there used to be physical "events" for this, and we're not talking about SAG New Member Orientation, that's something different), please do not sign up for this packet.

Don't worry about a "Deadline"! The date "June 14" on this entry only refers to the last day this link is posted to receive this packet. If you're already at this RSVP site, there's nothing to worry about.

Just register by clicking on "RSVP"... and wait.

Give us until June15 to email your packet to you.

Once you've received your packet, there is no deadline to submit the materials. Your first step toward CAP-eligibility may be completed at your own pace.

Again - please do NOT sign up to receive the packet if you have either attended a CAP Orientation Session or if you have already signed up for a packet in the past (it will confuse the database, the computer will automatically mark you “CAP-ineligible” and it will take some time to sort it out!)

Thank you!