FULL STREAM AHEAD: SAG Contracts Corner: Television 101

Event Type:LifeRaft
Title:FULL STREAM AHEAD: SAG Contracts Corner: Television 101
Empower yourself by learning how you should be paid for television work.
Date:Tuesday, March 23, 2010
Time:6-8pm PACIFIC TIME (Check-in 5:00-5:45pm)

SAG Foundation Actors Center
5757 Wilshire Blvd-Mezzanine Level
Los Angeles, CA 90036
(Parking Validation Available)

This event is also available LIVE ONLINE at www.sagfoundation.org/liferaft/livestream  During the event, you can email questions to the moderator at LifeRaft@sagfoundation.org or tweet to #LRLS.  NO RSVP REQUIRED FOR ONLINE GUESTS. 

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Do you want to empower yourself and learn how you should be paid for working under the Television Contract as a principal performer?  Do you want to learn when overtime kicks in?  What your working condition rights are and when meal breaks should be called?  What about learning an easy way to understand how residuals are paid to ensure you’re getting paid properly?  Do you know how the SAG rules can help you during an audition?  In this comprehensive seminar, presented by the Screen Actors Guild Television Department, you will gain valuable knowledge about the basic provisions in the SAG Television Contract.  You will learn what to expect on set and how to file a claim if you run into problems.  Please join us and get valuable tools and information needed for your career as a professional actor in Television.  Knowledge is power!

(This event will begin with a 1 hour pre-recorded segment and will follow with a live Q and A with presenter for online audiences ONLY!)