The Screen Actors Guild Foundation is deeply appreciative of the friends and supporters who continue to make the Actors Center possible, listed here.


These friends of the SAG Foundation have generously donated or discounted equipment, materials or services integral to the founding and maintenance of the SAG Foundation Actors Center.

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These friends of the SAG Foundation have generously contributed amounts of $5,000 or more to the Actors Center.



Candy & Aaron Spelling Foundation



Barbara Hunt Hannington



Estate of Ilse Besman Earl



Systems Integration Group



Harold J. Klein Trust



Vivian S. Klein Trust



In Memory of Paul E Lewis



People Magazine



The Greenburg Family Foundation



Stan & Hannele Bharti



Kobrand Corporation



Kraft Foods



Paramount Pictures



Paul Napier



Sprint Nextel



AFTRA-SAG Federal Credit Union



Aaron Frankel, in loving memory of Abetha Aayer







The following Have a Seat! campaign supporters have personalized their contributions with a commemorative chair or sofa in the Actors Center Screening Room.

Simon Abou-Fadel & Anna Sommer, in loving memory of the classy and glamorous Pauline Le Febvre Tansey



Pat & Doug Allen



Jason Altieri



Todd, Susan and Kaitlin Amorde



Daryl Anderson and Tierney Anderson



Carl Ballantine



Patrice L. Barrie



Julie Berg



Warren Berlinger



Isabel Boniface, in loving memory of Giovanni & Gregory Boniface



Tom Bosley - dedicated to all those wonderful actors, who never quite made it



Ronna Mee Brand



Ronna Mee Brand, a Gift for Donald J. Trump



James Brolin



In honor of Robert Alan Browne



In honor of Marjorie Stapp



Carlease Burke



Bush, Quiñonez, Gottlieb, Singer, López, Kohanski, Adelstein & Dickinson



Bob Carlson



Bodhi Carlson



Jim Casey



John Connell and Kathy Connell



James Cromwell



Anthony T. DeSantis



Danny DeVito & Rhea Perlman for Vincent Schiavelli



Cece DuBois, in honor of Steven A. Fried 3rd Vice President, Screen Actors Guild 2003-2008



"Big Joe" Durrenberger



Susan Ekins



Diana Feinberg, in memory of Ronald Feinberg



Victor Fischbarg, in memory of Julie Murphy (1968-2006) I got us good seats.



In honor of David Fischer, Jerry Fischer and Cheryl Landau



Joely Fisher



Jorja Fox



Eugene Francis



Carlos Gallardo "El Mariachi"



Pat and Leo Geffner



Jackie Goldberg for Fran and Scotty Rigmont, my biggest fans and my favorite stars



Linda Gray



Buddy Hackett



George Hamilton



In honor of Susan Hanfield "All things are possible to him who believes."  -  Mark 9:23



Valerie Harper and Tony Cacciotti



Diane Lee Hart



Robert Hays



Charles & Paul Herman, in memory of Edward & Molly Herman



Robert W. Hewitt, in memory of Alan Hewitt



In honor of William Hootkins



Erica Hubbard



Mylo Ironbear & Carol Keakealani, in loving memory of Floyd Red Crow Westerman and Robert and Davita Thomson



Eddie Izzard



Inge Jaklin



Kate Edelman Johnson, in memory of Deane F. Johnson



David Jolliffe



Ilyanne Morden Kichaven and Michael Kichaven



Mr. & Mrs. Corey Kotler



Diane Ladd



Family of Charles Lane, in memory of Charles Lane



Davidson Lloyd & Tom Kegan, in memory of Patricia Milano and Peter Keegan



Aaron Lodge



Dorothy Loudon Foundation, in memory of Dorothy Loudon



Monique Marissa Lukens



James "Jimmy" Lydon, SAG member since 1937, 2nd Vice President 1958-1959



Will Lyman



Gina & Andy McMullen



Miliza Milo



Bobbie Minton for Captain and Mrs. Robert Brooke Minton



Kathleen Murray, in memory of Jan Murray, Comedian



Paul O' Mahony



Will and Nick Pasquin



Kerry Perdue



Players Directory Members July 2008



Barbara J. Polk



Sydney Pollack



Anthony J. Pope



Elsa Raven



Burt Reynolds



Alan Rosenberg and Marg Helgenberger



Rhythm & Hues Studios, in fond memory of Henry Gibson, "You Bet Your Sweet Bippy"



Alexander Scarlis for Albert Bennefeld



Alexander Scarlis, in memory of George Scarlis



Lia & Bill Schallert



Hiram Sherman



Flo Smith, in memory of SAG member Adam Williams



Meryl Streep



Barbra Streisand



Talent Managers Association



Jerry Weintraub



Clay Westervelt



JoBeth Williams and John Pasquin



Frank Yablans / Cindy Bond




The following Turn the Page! campaign supporters have donated books or have personalized their contributions with a commemorative shelf or bookplate in the Actors Center Library.

Simon Abou-Fadel & Anna Sommer



Guerin Barry



Bonnie Bartlett



Nancy Bishop



Lonnie Burr



Howard Fine



 Gary J Foltz



Connie Frady



Margie Haber





 Nicole L Mayor






Robert Meister



Manny Pacheco





Valerie Pang



Jan Powell



Samuel French





Linda Slatin



Melvin Weiss 



Marcia Smith



Philip Smith



Starlight Children's Foundation





Evangeline Williams



Gina Yates